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TV Points Installations

Are the images on your TV less than ideal?

Does the picture drop out or fade?

Does the screen appear pixelated?

Are images on the screen distorted?

A “yes” answer to any of these questions suggests that it’s time for a new TV antenna.

Newer digital TVs require a new antenna to work optimally. Most of the current channels available are broadcast digitally, and digital will completely replaced analogue TV across Australia. Digital TV requires either a new television or a set top box. Old antennas are unable to adequately receive and transmit digital signals to your television.

TV points are wall-mounted surge points to plug into the antenna from the television or the set top box. They must be able to receive digital signals for you to watch TV.

Do you need new TV points? Call Power Legends!

A Power Legends Perth electrician can quickly and easily upgrade the TV points in your home to digital compliance. We can also evaluate your existing antenna to determine if it can be upgraded, or recommend replacement. AT the same time, we can install extra TV points anywhere in your home that you wish to be able to watch TV.

Contact Power Legends today to have your TV points checked or upgraded quickly and cost-effectively.

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