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Tagging and Testing

Electrical safety is taken very seriously according to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. For any commercial enterprise to be compliant with West Australian law, all electrical appliances and devices present in the workplace must be tested and tagged as a mark of safety. This applies to offices, workshops, retail spaces, factories, construction sites, and any other commercial premises.

Any employer, main contractor, workplace supervisor, self-employed person, or person who controls access to a workplace is obliged to ensure that the premises are regularly inspected, checked, and tested, to take all possible appropriate measures to endure that risks of injury or harm in the workplace are reduced.

Compliance with this legislation includes the routine testing and tagging of electrical equipment to prove compliance. Any appliance which has a flexible cord and plugs into a power outlet needs to be tested as routine. This includes everything from heavy machinery to the lunchroom coffee maker or kettle.

Power Legends electricians in Perth undertake commercial electrical testing and tagging for businesses both large and small. We come to your workplace and test all equipment for safety, and tag it to show that it is safe to use and to prove compliance. We visually inspect the equipment, and we also test equipment using specific instruments for the purpose, to check for current leakage, earth resistance, insulation resistance, and polarity. We record results, and tag each item to verify safe approval. The tags state the date, name of tester, and date for retesting. If an item is found to be unsafe, it is clearly tagged as such.

Testing and Tagging is not only essential under the law, it is an important step in preventative maintenance of your electricals. Call Power Legends today for commercial testing and tagging in the Perth area.

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