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Switchboard Upgrades

How old is your switchboard in your home or office?


Switchboards are the heart of the electrical system in every building you will ever see!


It’s therefore critical to have a healthy switchboard to ensure that you have healthy electrical system in your building. A Switchboard like everything has a use by date, as everything does. If your switchboard is past its best by date, your switchboard can be very detrimental to the cabling in the building.

The integrity of the cabling in your building is reliant on the circuit protection, which is your switchboard. If you have poor circuit protection you may smell that unmistakable plastic melting smell. Chances are your slowly cooking your cabling & that leads to  re-wire of the circuit or the entire house. That’s assuming your house doe not go up in flames and burn down first.

Your older style switchboard typically has porcelain fuses. An old switchboard from before 1982 also contains asbestos and by now usually has poor quality electrical connections. Porcelain fuses have long been outlawed, as they can be hazardous for the following reasons: incorrect rewiring; improper installation; and Electricians no longer not stock spare parts. If this is the case you should be considering a Switchboard Upgrade,

“If your Switchboard is configured correctly it will protect precious human lives, your appliances, and keep your electrical wiring protected efficiently”


Does your switchboard have these four critical items?

  1.  At least one Surge protector?
  2. At least two RCDs or Safety Switches?
  3. Circuit Breakers?
  4. A Main Isolating Switch?

The jobs they do in your Switchboard<h2>Switchboard</h2>

  • 1. Surge Protector (Helps save electronics from surges on the network)
  • 2. RCD’s otherwise known as Safety Switches (Helps save people from dangerous electrical shocks)
  • 3. Circuit breakers (Protects appliances and cabling from melting, & dissipates large fault currents)
  • 4. Main Isolating Switch (Safely disrupts power supply with a manual switch operation)

If the answer to any of these is “No”, CALL POWER LEGENDS electricians in Perth NOW for a switchboard upgrade!<h3>switchboard upgrade</h3>

Having the correct switchboard installed is not just an essential safety measure against fire and electrocution caused by damage to insulation; it can protect your electronic hardware from loss of vital information.

For a Switchboard Upgrade, Power Legends are the superior supplier and service provider for electrical installation Perth-wide. We can evaluate and upgrade your switchboard to comply with current Australian Standards, and part of this service includes the installation of safety switches to assure your safety and that of your property.

If you have any concerns about your switchboard, contact Power Legends to help.

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