Switchboards and Switchboard Upgrades


Many older switchboards have passed their expiry date. Your switchboard could be a hazard or an accident waiting to happen. Re-wiring an old house is an expensive exercise. Installing the correct switchboard can save you from losing vital information on electronic hardware and maintain the integrity of the insulation on all the wiring in the dwelling as well as protect from fires and electrocution.

The next time you walk past your switchboard consider if it has the following. If not, contact Power Legends for a switchboard upgrade.

switchboard perth


Rewirable Fuses are Dangerous

The switchboard at your premises plays a significant role in keeping your wiring protected. Older switchboards have rewirable fuses. They can be dangerous and are no longer permitted for the following reasons

  • They may be rewired with the wrong fuse.
  • If a fuse wire is sticking out of the fuse holder due to improper installation, it becomes an electrocution hazard.
  • When they are rewired numerous times the cable insulation melts and fires can start as a result.

HPM 15A Weather Proof Switch

HPM 15 Amp Weather Proof Switches are commonly used in outdoor situations for isolation of Lighting, Pumps, or Air Conditioning appliances. These provide a lockable system which can be used for Isolation purposes to keep the installation tamper proof and safe.

HPM has a 12-month warranty on their products.

HPM 15A Weather Proof Switch

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