Surge Protection Devices

With so many sensitive pieces of electronic equipment in homes and offices you can’t afford not to have surge protection. Did you know that an electrical surge can happen at any time and for any number of reasons? Though storms are the leading cause of an electrical surge, there can be many other reasons such as line works and car accidents. Cars and power poles don’t mix and the two can cause a surge if there is power to be cut off or restored. The cause of the surge can be virtually anywhere – out the front of your house, down the road, or even a few streets away.

Insurance companies will pay out for the damage done to these appliances by electrical surges. However, they can’t replace private documents stored on you hard drive: family photos, your MP3 collection, videos, or anything that is not backed up.

Installing surge protection is a small price for protection of your entire household or office.

Surge Protection Surge Protection

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