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Smoke Detectors

Home is a haven. Safety is of paramount importance and safety in the home should be top priority.

It’s critical that homeowners ensure the safety of all residents and provide devices where possible to guarantee personal safety in the home. These devices include locks, security doors, safety switches, and smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors save lives. If there is a fire in the home, a smoke detector will alert residents as soon as the fire begins. This often happens during the night, when people are asleep. During deep sleep, people don’t smell smoke – and smoke inhalation kills well before fire itself does. People can die without even realising their home is on fire.

Investing in a high quality smoke detector is the single best thing you can do to keep your family safe. It is also a legal obligation that homeowners provide working smoke detectors.

  • Has it been three years or more since your smoke detectors were properly tested?
  • Are your smoke detectors mains-connected?
  • Are your smoke detectors older than ten years?
  • Do you own rental property?
  • Are smoke detectors not present in your home?

Power Legends Perth electricians are expert in the supply and installation of top quality smoke detector systems.

There are three types of Smoke Detector:

  • Photoelectric: this quick response system detects a fire in the smouldering stage. This is a premium system, very accurate, and perfect for installation in the kitchen.
  •  Ionisation: detects flames rather than smoke. These systems contain a small trace amount of radioactive material, and are the most common and cost effective devices to install.
  •  Li-Ion: These smoke detectors contain lithium ion batteries which have a life of ten years.
  • Call Power Legends today to have the perfect smoke detector system for your home installed quickly and professionally. Peace of mind is priceless.


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