Smoke Detectors

A home is a place where families can live comfortably & safely. It is essential for homeowners to provide the necessary security devices in their homes to keep them safe at all times. Apart from the locks, bolts and alarm systems necessary in the home, there's another important device that should not be forgotten - the smoke detector.

Investing in a high quality smoke detector system is worth your money because it can save many lives!

Whether a home has a fireplace or not, a smoke detector should always be present. The smoke detector will help the occupants of a home in times of fire. The best system is a 240-volt interlinked system with battery backup. This means that if a fire starts in the kitchen or any other zone in the house all smoke detectors go off simultaneously & everybody in the house is alerted before it's too late.

It will become mandatory on all rental properties in Australia to have smoke detectors fitted in the near future.

Can you live without them?

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Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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Ionisation Smoke Detector

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Li-Ion Smoke Detector

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