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RCD Safety Switch

How safe is your home?

  • Does your House comply with Western Australia’s latest legislation?
  • Are you planning to sell or lease out your house?
  • Are you having issues with your RCD Safety Switch?

“Homeowners and landlords now have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their property for residents”

In the last three decades, thirty one people have been electrocuted in WA homes – and of these, twenty five deaths would have been preventable if an RCD safety switch was installed.

RCDs (Residual Current Devices) have been compulsory by law in all new homes in WA. Since 2009, it has been law that landlords or anyone selling their house must have at least two safety switches installed to protect lighting circuitry and power points. RCDs save lives.

Call Power Legends Perth electricians to have your home checked for compliance. Experts in all aspects of electrical installation Perth-wide, Power Legends can supply and install these life saving devices, and check any existing RCD Safety Switch devices.<h2>RCD</h2>

Did you know?

  • RCDs protect from electric shock when a live object is touched. For example, a pet chews through an electrical cord; a mower cuts through an extension cord; an appliance is faulty and becomes live.
  •  RCDs require annual assessment to ensure they are operating properly. Testing should be undertaken by a professional electrician no less than every two years.
  •  RCDs do deteriorate over time

Circuit breakers and fuses do not provide the same level of protection as RCD Safety Switches.<h3>Safety Switch</h3>

“RCD Safety Switches are designed to shut off electricity within 30 milliseconds if there is a fault”

RCDs may be Fixed directly into the fuse box or switchboard, or may be Socket-Outlet. Fixed RCDs offer by far the better level of protection.

Protect your family, friends, and loved ones. Call Power Legends today to arrange for a check of your safety switch, or to have them installed or replaced.

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