Maintenance & Repair Work

Power Legends have programmes designed to limit your Electrical Maintenance based upon Preventative Maintenance which also incorporates professional advice on the mechanics of your home or business Electrical requirements.

Corrective Maintenance after hours is less cost effective so it is often best to identify the potential problems before they arise. Power Legends can help you to understand the need for Energy Efficient Lighting which can suit your homes decor. We are familiar with modern lighting techniques that are successful from applications such as sports field lighting to your living room. We help business save money on their lighting costs by accurately calculating the required amount of lighting to achieve the best result.

Our Preventative Maintenance Products:

  • Annual Maintenance Programme
  • Evaporative Air Conditioning Summer Service
  • Electrical Property Report

Maintenance Definitions

Generally speaking, there are two types of maintenance used:

  • Preventive maintenance ,where equipment is maintained before break down occurs. This type of maintenance has many different variations and is often variable from one installation to the next. Recent studies have shown that Preventive maintenance is more effective in preventing age related failures of the equipment.
  • Corrective maintenance , where equipment is maintained after break down. This maintenance is often most expensive because worn equipment can damage other parts and cause multiple damage

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is maintenance performed in an attempt to avoid failures, unnecessary production loss and safety. As equipment cannot be maintained at all times, some way is needed to decide when it is proper to perform maintenance. Normally, this is done by deciding some inspection/maintenance intervals, and sticking to this interval more or less affected by what you find during these activities.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is probably the most commonly used approach, but it is easy to see its limitations. When electrical equipment fails, it often leads to downtime in production or inconvenience and can be costly. Also, if the equipment needs to be replaced, the cost of replacing it alone can become more substantial. It is also important to consider health, safety and environment issues related to malfunctioning equipment.

Corrective maintenance can be defined as the maintenance which is required when an item has failed or worn out, to bring it back to working order. Corrective maintenance is carried out on all items where the consequences of failure or wearing out are not significant and the cost of this maintenance is not greater than preventive maintenance.

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