Nighthawk Motorised Floodlight

The Nighthawk motorised floodlight is designed for use in all residential and commercial applications. This unit is energy saving with its PIR control and also gives the intruder the impression they are being monitored. The floodlight is designed to not only illuminate when motion is detected but also track the movement of the person within the detection zone.

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security lighting perth Nighthawk motorised floodlight

Halogen Downlights

Many house fires are the result of the incorrect installation of down lights. Have you had halogen down lights installed? If you have had them installed pre 2005 then your home may be at risk. During lighting installations, Power Legends installs the Isolite system, which is new technology now available and completely eliminates the dangers of fires starting from down lights.

white halogen downlight White halogen downlight

silver halogen downlight perth Silver halogen downlight

isolite system perth Isolite System

Halogen Inground Lights

Crompton's inground uplight remains one of the most affordable, value for money and reliable light fittings for general applications outdoors such as driveways and deck lights. The model pictured is a 240 Volt GU10 light fitting which provides a halogen light without the hassle of an inground transformer. The light fitting is waterproof. It is low maintenance and solid in construction, making it ideal for everybody looking to install inground uplights.

halogen inground uplight perth Halogen Inground Uplight

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Motion Sensors

360 Degree Flush mounted PIR Motion Sensor is the ideal sensor switch for security lighting or general lighting in your home. It will save money on your power bill by switching off at your desired time. This model has the capability to switch up to 2000 watts of lighting from 5 seconds to 15 minutes. It's also weatherproof for external mounting making it the perfect addition to your home.

Recessed PIR Motion Sensor Recessed PIR Motion Sensor

Light Switches

HQE Light Switches come with a 5 Year Manufactures Warranty, this is 5 times longer than the competition. How often in new houses are switches faulty after a short period of use? We have found that in high usage areas such as hallways, bathrooms, or kitchens these switches have worn out in approximately 12 months. Installing products such as HQE's light switches provides a reliable, long life switch that will not let you down within 5 years.

hqu light swtiches perthHQE light switches

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