Fan Installations Perth

Fan Installations Perth

Power Legends supply and install quality fans to design specifications. Browse the online gallery click here.

Saving on cooling costs can be as simple as turning on your ceiling fans to move the cooler are sitting low up throughout your room giving you a very cost effective way of keeping you room comfortable. Ceiling sweep fans typically use about 55-65W which is typically the same cost as running a light. Sweep Fans help your cooling system be more efficient by inexpensively silently circulating cooling air during the warmer months. They can be left on all night consuming less power than air conditioning and in the winter months they can be reversed to help keep you warm swirling hot air down to where you need it most.

Power Legends recommends Hunter Fans. We have all too often been on a job where Ceiling Sweep Fans have been supplied and small noises occur during use resulting in the fans needing replaced soon after. We only supply the best equipment to do the job to maintain our extraordinary service appreciated by our many customers.

Sweep Fans

What does it mean to install quality Sweep Fans?

We all know you get what you pay for yet more and more consumers cite price as a key factor in their purchase decision. In most cases the cost is offset by the quality of the products installed. Where the installation cost is a one off it makes more sense to install reputable fans the first time around.

Fan Installastion Perth

Quality reputable fans will have the following benefits:

  • Silent smooth operation
  • Balanced during rotation
  • Motors last a long time
  • Overall design and finish more appealing
  • No surprise technician bills
  • Effective air circulation
  • Save money on power bills

Fans have been used internationally for decades to keep people cool over hot spells. Often air movement is more than enough to cool our bodies over the hot summer months. AirConditioning systems often use thousands of watts in comparison to sweep fans.

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The age of the air conditioner

Modern infrastructure is often built around air conditioning products which often demand a high energy use which leads to increasing green house gas emissions. With the rising energy prices more and more people have become conscious about switching on their Air Conditioner when they have to pay for its energy costs; in contrast sweep fans are a much more efficient way of circulating air to help control the room's temperature.

Power Legends supply and install quality fans to design specifications. Browse the online gallery click here.

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