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Evaporative Air Conditioning Repairs

Do you have a Breeze Air, a Cool breeze, or a Bonaire Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit?

Has it been a while since it was serviced?

Is your system running louder than usual?

Can you hear disturbing noises suggestive of electrical motor burnout?

Does your air conditioner break down in hot, humid conditions?

Power Legends are just a phone call away!
It’s recommended that, to operate optimally, evaporative air conditioning units be serviced twice each year, ideally at the beginning of summer and again at the beginning of winter. Even newer units require this regular servicing schedule: self draining units require periodical flushing, and rotting pads require replacing. Water distribution systems also need to be cleaned.

Power Legends’ evaporative air conditioning service Perth-wide is here to maintain units, as well as to diagnose and fix faults in your evaporative air conditioning unit. Faults such as water leaks and limitations to cold air supply are our specialty, and we replace the following parts to restore to you efficient and reliable use of your air conditioning unit:

  •  Circuit boards
  • Motors
  • Motor parts
  • Drain parts
  • Water parts
  • Water cooling pads
  • Controllers

Additionally, Power Legends supply winter covers for your evaporative air conditioning unit, which will prevent seasonal corrosion associated with cold weather and assist in maintenance of the unit during the cooler months.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind, knowing that your sir conditioner is running in tip top shape. Call Power Legends now to book your pre-summer service – before things really heat up.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Parts Gallery

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