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Load management within premises is critical where a large amount of electricity is consumed in industry or public entities. Load management, or demand side management (DSM) refers to the process by which the supply of electricity is balanced with the electrical load on the network. This is achieved by controlling and adjusting the load as opposed to the output from the power supplier. It allows for utilities to reduce costs and demand for electricity during peak usage periods. Load management can also reduce emissions which are environmentally harmful.

Power Legends electricians in Perth can undertake inspections of load management systems and provide electrical loading reports. These are particularly important for insurance and safety compliance purposes in areas where large consumption of electricity is present, and are crucial whenever a company is considering an upgrade to infrastructure. Load management reporting is also an essential step in balancing the load on three-phase switchboards. Three phase switchboards connect to a strong power supply of 400V or 415V, and are better suited to industrial applications where powerful appliances are in use.

Three phase power supply is appropriate for the following:

  •  Large electric motors
  • Large domestic installations
  • High electricity consumption in industrial and commercial premises
  • Certain rural connections

With a three-phase switchboard, wattage is divided into three, minimising the current load on each phase.

Three-phase switchboards must be balanced. Call Power Legends today to inspect your electrical systems and load management systems, and to provide you with a comprehensive electrical load report

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